Electronics Board Repair Solutions

IR-E3 Evolution Series

The PDR IR-E3 is a high powered system, available with a multi-zone 2250W, 2800W or 3050W PCB preheater and is designed to rework SMD / BGA / uBGA / QFN / LEDs on small to medium-large PCB assemblies with upto a 18"/450mm PCB capacity. It is loaded with advanced features delivering many benefits including the highest performance and soldering quality available anywhere, yet it remains simple to set up and use. The IR-E3 system is now available in 3 models - the E3S, E3G and E3M. Made in the United Kingdom with only the finest components for optimum precision, the PDR IR-E3 is our top selling system and one of the best performing BGA Rework Stations worldwide.

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