Electronics Board Repair Solutions

Diagnosys Pinpoint Sigma

The PinPoint Sigma is designed as an affordable, flexible and modular PCB test and fault finding system. With the ability to apply multiple different test methods at the PCB edge connector or to each IC and device in-circuit through a test clip or DTI you can achieve excellent test coverage and accurate and reliable PCB fault finding. The PinPoint Sigma has been designed with flexible and modular expansion of test resources having 10 configurable external slots available for Digital, Universal and Matrix routing channels. The system can be tailored to provide the test resources you require in a cost effective manner and then be expanded to meet any changing requirements when required Addressing latest and legacy PCBs, the PinPoint Sigma offers a compact footprint while being transportable to provide industry leading PCB fault screening, PCB troubleshooting, PCB test and fault finding where needed.

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