ISO Certified QMS

Nahaco is certified to ISO 9001 management system. We take a thorough, hands-on approach to quality management, providing customers with detailed inspection reports each step of the way.

Material Certifications and Testing

Our suppliers provide material certifications and we can perform material testing. We can also send material samples to third party labs for further testing upon request.

Incoming Material Inspection

We check all incoming material before they are put on production lines or to warehouse, following Acceptable Quality Limit sampling plan.

First Article Inspection (FAI)

Before batch production, we inspect three random sample units from the first lot against drawing specifications to ensure requirements are met.

Batch Inspection

We conduct in-process checks hourly or on a limited quantity basis, with quantities dependent on the product and precision requirements.

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

We are happy to sign off on additional cosmetic inspection instructions as defined in a PPAP package prepared by customer. We also provide cosmetic limit samples for review.

Engineering Change Management

Once a Change Request is received in writing from a customer, we stop production, review the design changes, then perform and share an impact assessment for customer approval before re-initiating production.

100% Inspection (on Request)

For critical components specified by customers, we can perform inspection of each part before delivery.

Partner Qualification

We also select and work with partners to ensure their compliance with our Quality Management System.

Our Certifications