Nam Hai Technology Company Limited always strives to become a leading company in Vietnam market in the dleof processing mechanical products and mechanical services by following commitments:

1. We shall be willing to meet satisfactorily all requirements of customers about quality according to signed contracts, as well as appropriately statutory and institution requirements.

2. We shall apply of new scientific technology advances in the dlefi of manufacturing and processing to:

+ Do favorable trade and on scheduled delivery.

+ Ensure the quality of products and services which we offer

+ Optimize costs to achieve competitive prices

3. We are committed to bring the highest value to our customers when they use our products and services.

4. Quality policy shall be disseminated to all employees in the company in order to all people can understand unanimously the concrete quality target, and then carry out together to achieve the best result.

5. We shall be willing to provide necessary resources to implement, maintain and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015.

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