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Main application in Automotive

  • Metal Forming / Stamping
  • Paint and Coatings Quality
  • Pre-Treatment and Electro-Dip Painting (PT and ED)
  • Parts-Washing
  • Filling Line Fluid Cleanliness
  • Plastic Injection Molding

Product Applications in Automotive

  • PCM Typical Applications
  • HNP/HLP Typical Applications
  • SUPRAdisc Typical Applications
  • Bag filter upgrade with Marksman
  • Conversion of PCC sales into Filter sales








PT and ED Stages

All along PT & ED multi-stages, bag filters are our lead products, fitted in the pressure line

(1): Bag filters; (2):Bag filters; (3): Magnetic candles or FerrX5000


In Engine or Powertrain manufacturing plants, component cleanliness is a critical issue since it directly impacts the reliability, the performance and the service life of the overall system on which the part or component is operating

This is the reason why manufacturers must get their parts-washing process under control in order to maintain the wash fluid cleanliness level within specifications.

When you take a sample from the parts-washing system, make sure that you keep the sample at cold temperature until you perform the fluid analysis. Otherwise, you will see a fast increase of bacteria & fungi concentration into the bottle sample.

(1): Marksman™, Meltblown(40-70µ, 40-120µ);

(2):Bag (pre-filter), Meltblown (filter); rating: 50-150µ, 40-120µ;

Filters Bag
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When it comes to felt fiter bags, FSI has the answer. Our years of experience give us an advantage over our competitors, and our felt fiter bags show it. Our felt bags are designed to withstand higher solid loading, and are suitable for applications using vessel or open fitration systems.

Online Filters for Hydraulic and Lube Filtration
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We ofer the evolutionary filtration technology for hydraulic and lube applications. Features include smaller size, increased resistance to system stresses, high flow capability, and an ISO code cleanliness rating based on SAE ARP4205. Customer benefits include improved cleanliness control and increased equipment protection and reliability.

Vacuum Dehydration Purifiers for Water Removal from Hydraulic and Lube Oils
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Water, gas and solid contaminants in hydraulic and lubricating fluids have a detrimental affect on system performance. In order to maintain the health of these systems, free and dissolved water and gases should be removed. Pall’s vacuum dehydration purifiers are designed to remove 100% of the free gases and water (under steady state conditions), and up to 80% of the dissolved gases and water. Our purifiers are also designed to remove solid contaminants, utilizing high efficiency filters with a particle removal efficiency rating of 99.9% at the 3 micron size range.

Pall Aria Membrane Systems for Incoming Water
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Pall Aria water treatment systems are specifically designed to produce potable drinking water that meets today’s stringent quality standards. Pall Aria systems use uniquely designed hollow fiber membrane modules to remove turbidity, bacteria, cysts and oocysts, iron, and manganese from ground and surface waters, as well as secondary wastewater effluent streams.

Particulate Contamination Monitors for Contamination Monitoring
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Obtaining accurate and reliable fluid cleanliness data quickly in order to detect abnormal contamination levels is a key factor in ensuring the required cleanliness for fluid systems. Pall provides portable devices that give plant operators the ability to measure the cleanliness of fluids simply, quickly, and reliably. Pall offers two types of cleanliness monitors — mesh blockage for emulsions and aqueous fluids and laser light particle counters for mineral, synthetic- and hydrocarbon-based fluids.

Water Sensors
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Hydraulic or lube systems should be operated with minimal concentrations of water. Pall’s water sensors detect water in solution within the fluid, displayed as a percentage of the fluid saturation level at the measurement temperature, or expressed as parts per million (PPM), specific to each brand of fluid. Options include a handheld unit for a ‘point-intime’ reading or a permanent unit which can provide continuous or timed monitoring.

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